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AcneAway Herbal Serum

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DO YOU FEEL YOU’VE TRIED JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING TO GET RID OF YOUR ACNE BUT STILL SEE BLEMISHES?Don’t despair, ACNEAWAY HERBAL SERUM is here to save your skin!Acne killer: Our serum is rich in tea tree oil and camellia extract, so it has strong permeability and can denature protein deposits to achieve a strong healing effect, cure acne and prevent future outbreaks.Skin-friendly: The serum is made of a variety of plant extracts and can be quickly absorbed by the skin without a greasy feeling. Continuous use of serum for 3-4 weeks can effectively treat acne and pimples, and repair the roughness caused by acne. For severe acne, it is recommended to use this serum for 2 cycles.

Effective skin care: Serum is composed of a variety of natural ingredients and plant extracts, which can enhance cell metabolism. It can effectively treat skin redness caused by acne and pimples, maintain skin elasticity, lock skin moisture and repair skin.

Strong penetration ability: Our tea tree acne serum has very strong penetration, can penetrate deeply into the skin and quickly and effectively eliminate skin damage, shrink pores and improve skin roughness.How to UsePackage: 1 x AcneAway Herbal Serum