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FrenchTip™ Oblique Nail Brush

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Forget about one-time nail stickers or salon visits to get Perfect French Nails!FrenchTip™ Oblique Nail Brush features a smooth half-moon applicator to work with different nail polishes. Create French nails with your favorite polish color!
The ultra-dense and flat applicator ensures precise & consistent application of French tips.
Delicately crafted with top-quality synthetic bristle, our French nail brush delivers opaque color without unsightly stroke-like texture. Salon finish in seconds!

  • PERFECT FRENCH NAILS: Create timeless French nails easily at home with sharp & defined edges.

  • UNIQUE BRUSH SHAPE: Oblique half-moon cut to precisely fit the curvature of the nail and draw clear-cut curves with ease.
  • EASY TO USE: Thanks to the curvy tip, simply dip your nail polish color and brush on the tip of the nail. No manicure skill is required.

  • TOP QUALITY: Made of cruelty-free & top-quality synthetic bristle of ultra smoothness to create opaque color.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Clean with regular nail remover.


  • Dip from your favorite polish
  • Apply on the nail edge
  • Done!
  • Size:
  • 1pc X FrenchTip™ Oblique Nail Brush