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Ghost Bear Hotel Series Blind Box

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Designer: Shin Woojung
Size: 35-68mm
Material: PVC + ABS
Quantity: Individual/Box of 12
Style: 12 regular style+ 2 hidden style

What’s a *Blind Box*?
- Blind Box refers to the type of sealed packaging that keeps the contents of the toy a mystery until you open it.

- Blind boxes typically come in a Series that are made up of a variety of different figures / designs that are usually depicted on the side of the box listed along with the odds of finding each one.

- Some are rarer than others and some are even super rare and hard to find. These are referred to as *secret* or *chase* figures.


What is *A Blind Box* & *The Full Set*?

- *The Full Set* contains all the regular styles except for the rare styles and It is possible that rare styles will appear randomly. If there is a rare style, one regular style will be replaced correspondingly.

- *A Blind Box* will be shipped randomly, if the product page does't annotate clearly that it's not repeated.