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Thermochromic Color Changing Wonder Dye

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Dare to flaunt your shine with this hair dye that changes color with temperature!  

Don't settle for boring colors! 


  • Striking Shade-changing Effect! The Wonder Dye comes with a temperature-sensitive color-changing effect to suit your unique personality! The shades changes when over 18°C (64°F) with a wide range of vibrant shades! 

  • Dramatic Vivid Iridescence! No more mediocrity! The Wonder Dye brings you a variety of vibrant shades depends on your surrounding temperatures! Enjoy an infinite range of shades! 

  • Easy Application! Simply apply the Wonder Dye onto your desired area of hair and wait for it to dry or blow dry the dye for a whole day of a vibrant, shade-shifting miracle! 

  • Coloring Treatment Made PamperingNo more damaging coloring process! The Wonder Dye is created with natural ingredients, such as Brazilian Argan Oil and Keratin Essence, giving your hair a pampering treatment with wonderful shades! 

  1. Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before application. 
  2. Apply the Wonder Dye to the desired area of your hair. 
  3. Dry the Wonder Dye either by air-dry or blow-drying. 
  4. Enjoy a whole day of gorgeous color-changing shades! 
  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Shades Variety: Purple to Magenta, Blue to Pink, Green to Yellow, Black to Silver
  • Disclaimer: Final shades might vary depends on individuals. For thicker, longer hairs, it's recommended to use more products to achieve better results. 
  • 1* Thermochromic Color Changing Wonder Dye